10,000 Hours Volunteer Commitment 

Together, we can reach 10,000 Hours invested in Canadian non-profits so they can thrive in the digital age. We have laid out clear expectations to ensure you are informed, confident and ready to make an impact in your community as a volunteer.

What you can expect as a 10,000 Hours volunteer: 

  • To be matched with projects that align with your skill sets, interests, and personal and professional goals.
  • To receive a detailed description of the project scope, and estimated timeline for completion.
  • To be provided with orientation on behalf of the non-profit you have been matched with to ensure you can be successful in your role.
  • To receive support and on-going feedback from the non-profit during the project.
  • o join a network of like-minded individuals who are utilizing their skills for social good.
  • The chance to make a valuable impact and drive change in the non-profit sector.
  • To be recognized for your hard work and to receive branded confirmation of project completion.

What we will expect from you as a volunteer: 

  • To provide truthful and accurate information regarding your professional skills and background.
  • To understand and work in compliance of the matched non-profit’s policies and procedures.
  • To notify 10,000 Hours and the non-profit organization, in due time, if you wish to change the nature of your contribution or are unable to meet your role requirements o To provide services solely as a volunteer and to not expect any compensation for your time or effort.
  • To be an excellent team player, a respectful communicator, and an equal contributor
  • To not disclose confidential information received from 10,000 Hours or the non-profit.
  • To notify 10,00 Hours if you decide to terminate your volunteer services.