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Curriculum Development

May 20, 2021 10:41 PM

Help us create learning content on these topics: resume writing, networking, and building a LinkedIn profile

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Skills Required
Human Resources
Project Management
Social Media Marketing
About the Organization

The Career Foundation is a results-oriented, non-profit organization that connects job seekers with employers across the GTHA. We make available resources from private sector companies, education, and government to help all members of the community make the transition into employment. Since 1988, we have helped thousands of people successfully accomplish their employment goals each year.


We are developing a Learning Management System using Tutor LMS to be able to provide resources to employment seekers through our website. We are looking for help in how to best structure the learning modules and the lessons within each learning module. We also need help identifying/creating content where there are gaps.

Success Looks Like

At least 3 full courses/modules that are innovative, educational, and contain current labour market information

Development of social media content announcing the launch of the LMS portal

Development of a news release or newsletter announcing the launch of the LMS portal


This will allow us to promote and provide diversified services to job seekers across the country. Our aim is to further strengthen our capacity to serve individuals on a wider scale. This will give us a good starting point to further enrich our online services.