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April 19, 2022 5:49 AM

Help us drive improved youth foster care outcomes by engaging policymakers and the broader community

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Public Relations
Government Advocacy
About the Organization

StepStones for Youth is a registered charitable organization in Toronto in operation since 2004. We employ preventative and early intervention programming for vulnerable and marginalized children and youth aged 10-26 from the child welfare system to help change their trajectories and improve their outcomes. The young people we serve have significant histories of trauma, abuse, neglect, and unstable guardianship through no fault of their own, most of whom are in or have exited foster care. Our intended objectives for children and youth are to create positive and meaningful connections; increase their sense of belonging; increase school engagement, high school graduation, and post-secondary enrollment; and increase stable housing and mental and physical health. Meeting these objectives leads to reduced homelessness, education disengagement, isolation, criminal involvement, and long-term dependency on social services. Our external, evidence-based reviews consistently demonstrate that positive outcomes are achievable when young people feel safe, connected, supported, and empowered. With a unique, full case-management approach to service and connections with long-term, caring adults, StepStones helps young people in our target population achieve stability, permanency, improved health, and a strong support network they can rely on for life. We work towards a world where the conditions are in place where all youth thrive and belong to people who love and support them unconditionally. Our strategic direction is informed equally by the Members of our Board of Directors and by the young people we serve. We work in solidarity with youth affected by the child welfare system in recognition of the impacts of structural and systemic barriers that prevent individuals from realizing their potential. We advocate for positive changes in the child welfare sector that include the building of strong networks of support for children and youth; safety, stability, competence, and support in the rearing of children; housing and food security for young people; and equal access to opportunities to connect with culture and community. We employ targeted and proven methods of prevention and intervention with focus on long-term impact over short-term output.


We leverage our experience and research to advocate for youth from foster care through amplifying their voices, engaging with key stakeholders and policymakers, running awareness-raising campaigns, and participating in collective impact and collaborative initiatives We are hoping to advocate for some policy proposals in June with a goal of connecting with government, gaining media attention, and rallying support from our community. We would need the assistance of a public relations professional with a speciality in government relations. There is budget available for this role depending on how much time this professional could provide to our organization.

Success Looks Like

Influence in the child welfare redesign process

Agreement of stakeholders on policy positions that create long-term, positive outcomes for youth

Collective strategies that have been co-developed and created for future change

Increased collaboration amongst youth advocacy groups and increased exposure of messaging

Be identified by stakeholders as a thought leader in the child welfare sector


This is an incredible opportunity to create meaningful change for some of our societies most vulnerable young people. Beyond fixing issues as they arise, we believe these efforts could prevent the issues from arising at all!