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Digital Donor/Volunteer Recognition "Wall"

Toronto, ON
May 20, 2021 10:51 PM

Help us design and implement a digital recognition system that is visible and valuable to donors/volunteers

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Skills Required
Web Development
Project Management
Graphic Design
About the Organization

We are a non-profit community centre in downtown Toronto that is dedicated to provide compassionate service and safe, welcoming and respectful environment inclusive of all religions, genders, cultures, and abilities. Our programs support every year thousands of people experiencing homelessness, mental health challenges, extreme poverty, food insecurity and addictions. Covid-19 has presented St. Felix Centre with many challenges. However, our Centre has remained open 24/7 throughout the current health crisis. The pandemic has significantly affected the funds we receive to keep our programs ready to respond to an alarming increase in demand for our services. We need the community support to create innovative and successful strategies and solutions to respond to those challenges, so that they do not affect our ability to continue offering quality services and programs to those members of our community who need support.


St. Felix Centre has a tremendous support system of individual donors, corporate donors and volunteers. The staff take a lot of care to reach out to every person and corporation with personalized ‘thank you’s’ for their time/money contribution. Donors are also recognized in the organization’s annual report. The St. Felix Center team wants to do more to recognize donors and volunteers. They need help designing and implementing a new method of recognition that is more automated and visible/valuable to different kinds of donors and volunteers.

Success Looks Like

Recognition strategy for both donors and volunteers

Design and build the digital recognition "wall" in line with the recognition strategy

Training for staff on how to manage content on the recognition "wall"

Integrate the recognition wall with St. Felix Centre's CRM if possible


Making donors and volunteers feel connected to the Center in a more meaningful way will help us retain donors and volunteers.