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Shelter Movers
Toronto, ON
February 12, 2022 4:38 PM

Help us build a budget to support the launch of our New Brunswick chapter

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About the Organization

Shelter Movers provides free moving and storage services to survivors fleeing abuse.


Shelter Movers is the only service of its kind in Canada, and has completed over 3,500 moves since 2016 with its 1,800 incredible volunteers in 6 cities. It is expanding to serve survivors in the Greater Moncton Area as its latest chapter. To do so, the Shelter Movers Greater Moncton (SMGM) team of volunteers requires a Finance Manager. In the absence of this volunteer, SMGM would appreciate a qualified bookkeeper or CPA-certified individual to create a tentative budget of SMGM's finances in year 0 (now until launch) and its first year (post-launch) with its current in-kind donors. In addition to outlining expenses, this Finance Manager would also identify strong revenue opportunities using a drafted list of donors and grant opportunities.

Success Looks Like

Complete a budget template for year 0 and a tentative budget for year 1 of Shelter Movers Greater Moncton

Identify potential grant opportunities in New Brunswick


Outlining expenses and possible income streams will help align this new chapter's fundraising efforts with its delivery capabilities. A budget will be an instrumental tool in ensuring SMGM has the capacity to better serve survivors in New Brunswick.