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Analysis of Funding Channels

April 19, 2022 1:34 AM

Help us map present and future funding channels

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Financial Analysis
About the Organization

Raising Humanity is an ecosystem of mothers, children and mentors who together, foster their innate creative potential towards joy, fulfillment and prosperity. The organization seeks to embed the motherly energies into our new structures at this turn of our humanity, across workplaces, home life and education. The community is made up of primarily volunteers and members, each of whom contribute in their unique ways to build the village children and mothers need the support of as they grow.


The challenge within the context of modern-day motherhood and the raising of children is primarily a lack of extensive and diverse support, including the role models which children seek. In our individual family unit structures, the average parent simply does not have the time or resources to dedicate to the emotional well-being of a child who is being raised in a quickly shifted society; nor does the mother herself have the space to connect with the creative potential she has been initiated into through the motherhood journey. Both child and mother are at a loss, as education systems seek to foster the care and direction that they are unable to adequately provide on all levels of life. Our services seek to build a bridge between the values of home and life outside; to generate a cohesion between these seemingly separate worlds where we are often under the pressure of outdated structures that do not honour our full humanity and need for connection. The problem we address is not being done through a silo approach of looking at motherhood or education alone, but rather, all parts at once. For this, we require a broad range of diverse experiences to support the intent, including focused marketing efforts, human development support and financial structures that are both fluid and relevant. For this project, we are looking for someone to help create a map of both present and future funding channels to meet current and future needs.

Success Looks Like

Document which summarizes the analysis on present and future funding channels


This analysis will help us improve our financial budgetary and forecasting capacities