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April 19, 2022 3:54 AM

Help us dismantle Anti-Black Racism through storytelling

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About the Organization

Afro Women and Youth Foundation (AWYF) is a registered non-profit organization providing leadership, mentorship, and empowerment programs for Black immigrant women and youth in Canada.


Stories4Change is a project focused on dismantling Anti-Black Racism (ABR) through storytelling to change the negative narrative of Black people. Our interview sessions will showcase Black People who are willing to share their stories of challenges and triumphs. The platform will also serve as a form of advertisement for Black women's work and businesses and an opportunity for allies to learn and understand how to support Black communities. Goals & Objectives: to promote BIack excellence, to create positive media narratives and opportunities for allyship, to inspire the new generation of Black immigrants, and to promote Black businesses. It will also help Black women to learn public speaking, storytelling, and self-advocacy which are essential skills for every racialized woman.

Success Looks Like

Interviewing 10 women in our network

Crafting the stores that are condusive to being shared on social media

Creating graphic design content for the stories on social media

Setting up social media platform for the project linked to AWYF's website


This project will be essential in helping us share the stories of incredible Black women in Canada and helping to dismantle Anti-Black Racism