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Ability Online
Toronto, ON
May 26, 2021 2:42 AM

We are looking for a new full-time board member

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Mission Connecting youth with disabilities to each other and the world around them Vision > Provide a social network technology platform that: Gives youth with disabilities, parents and professionals a safe, secure and positive online experience every time they log in > Removes social barriers and reduces the stigma associated with being different; increasing self-esteem and self-confidence > Promotes independence and a better quality of life with learning and skills development > Promotes respect, acceptance and inclusion.</b> ‍ As the first social media technology platform for young people with disabilities to connect to each other and the world around them, Ability Online offers its members the following: Supportive online community for kids, teens & young adults with all kinds of disabilities or health challenges > Dedicated sections for Parents/Caregivers & Professionals > A Safe, monitored online experience also rich in resources and skill development modules > Connections to peers, role models & mentors for info and support > Equipment grants for qualifying members (parents) of the online community. Grant recipients are children with disabilities or chronic illnesses under 18 years of age (See Ability Gives) > FREE membership


Ability Online is looking for a board member to join full time. This individual will participate in all board functions with a focus on boosting fundraising and expanding our corporate connections. Please reach out to the 10,000 Hours team if you are interested in connecting to learn more.

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Helping young people with disabilities connect to each other and the world around them