10,000 Hours Partnership Commitment 

10,000 Hours matches non-profits who are looking to invest in their digital, creative, strategic and analytical capabilities, with skilled volunteers who are looking to give back. We have laid out clear expectations to ensure you successfully work in partnership with volunteers to satisfy your project needs and accelerate your capability building initiatives.

What you can expect as 10,000 Hours non-profit participant:

  • To be matched with volunteers whose skill sets and interests align with your project goals.
  • To gain access to external pro-bono talent to help your organization thrive in the digital age
  • To expand your network and connect with individuals and companies who are using their skills for social good.

What we will expect from you as a non-profit partner:

  • To carefully review volunteer candidate(s) and partner with those whose skill sets and credentials align with your project goals.
  • To ensure volunteers are on-boarded and have signed your organization’s volunteer service agreement.
  • To clearly state the shared outcomes and activities that all parties will endeavour to achieve.
  • To provide all necessary assistance to the volunteer(s) throughout the project, including necessary staff to assist in briefing, liaison, access to information and data pertinent to being successful in their role.
  • To provide support and on-going feedback to the volunteers throughout the duration of  the project.
  • To create a safe, respectful, and encouraging remote work environment for volunteers.
  • To communicate any significant changes made to the project needs and scope.
  • To inform 10,000 Hours of any conflict, change, or premature completion of project.
  • To ensure volunteers are recognized for their work including public recognition and/or a thank you letter outlining the impact the project will have on the organization.
  • To provide a summary of impact upon completion of the project.

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